Speaking, Training, workshops, and Consulting Services



Here at Lifted Counselling & Consulting, we believe in sharing our knowledge in order to better serve those around us. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to custom design trainings, workshops, speaking engagements, and consultations to meet your specific needs. Our trainers go to great lengths to take into account key factors unique to each client situation, while also tailoring materials and topics to maximize the benefit to participants.

We cover a full range of topics that include:

  • engaging at-risk populations (Youths & Adults).

  • Suicide assessment, screening and prevention.

  • Assessment and treatment of self-harming behaviours

  • Adolescent depression and anxiety

  • Trauma informed practice

  • Pornography addiction and its impact on individuals, couples, families, and society.

  • Mindfulness practice for personal and business settings.

  • Interpersonal skills in team or family settings.

  • Parenting skills and strategies.

  • ehavioural strategies in the and out of the classroom.

  • Personal and team development

  • Organizational health and team building

  • Skills workshops for health care professionals, teachers, & clinicians.

Custom Training and Workshops

Multi or Full day training/workshops:

Include up to 7 hours of direct contact with the trainer per day. Trainer and hosts collaborate to customize the content of the day including topic(s), and the portion of the day spent on didactic instruction, case examples, interactive/experiential practice exercises, question and answer periods, etc.

Note: It is recommended that full day workshops include morning and afternoon 15-minute breaks, and a longer 30-60 min, midday lunch break.

Half-day training/workshops:

Include up to 3.5 hours of direct contact with the trainer, and are completely customizable to meet the needs of the host. Possibilities include:  didactic instruction, case examples, interactive/experiential practice exercises, question and answer periods, or any combination thereof.

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Speaking Engagements

At Lifted Counselling and Consulting, we are not only skilled clinicians, but also dynamic and engaging speakers who have experience presenting at conferences, seminars, on panels, and at special events for local, national, and international audiences. 

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Consulting Services

Whether you're a part of a corporation, business, school district, health authority, mental health team, or are an individual practitioner, we can meet your consultation needs.

We offer a number of consulting services that include:

  • Case specific clinical consultation

  • Assessing and addressing organizational health

  • Team building and collaboration within and across systems

  • Assessing training needs for clinical staff

  • Program development

  • Change management

We also offer half-day case specific consultations which include 3.5 consultation hours with the consulting therapist. Consultation participants will prepare cases and questions for consultation in advance of the session and collaboratively set the agenda for the consultation time with the consulting therapist.

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